Thomas Constable

Jehoshaphat's alliance with Ahaziah, king of Israel, was an instance in which he failed to

trust and obey God as he should have.

2 Chronicles 20:35
And after this did Jehoshaphat king of Judah join himself with Ahaziah king of Israel, who did very wickedly:

Henry Morris Study Bible notes

Both Jehoshaphat and his father Asa were good kings of Judah, men who never ceased to worship the true God. But both Asa (II Chronicles 16:2,3) and Jehoshaphat (II Chronicles 18:1) hindered God’s full blessing on their lives and reigns because they compromised in joining up with pagans and apostates. The Biblical norm has always been

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers(II Corinthians 6:14).

1 Kings 22:49

Then said Ahaziah the son of Ahab unto Jehoshaphat, Let my servants go with thy servants in the ships. But Jehoshaphat would not.

Although Jehoshaphat had agreed on a joint ship-building project with wicked King Ahaziah (II Chronicles 20:35-36), he apparently balked at allowing Ahaziah’s servants to join his own servants as crewmen on the ship. The prophet Eliezer prophesied against even the ship-building agreement itself, however, with the result that the ships were all destroyed in a storm (II Chronicles 20:37), so that the entire project was abandoned.

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